December 2023 Commission Types

BABY ON BOARD edition!For the remainder of the season, I will be offering FOUR commission types: Front-Facing Portraits, Digital Pet YCHs, Sigil Banners, and Custom Manaraptor YCHs.All commissions will be digital art unless otherwise noted, and the complete TOS can be found on the order form at the bottom of this page. I will notify you if your commission is accepted and once I begin.Considering my particular situation raising an eight month old baby, I do not yet know my turnaround time and these initial commissions will also double as my gauging what I am able to reasonably do - but I will do my best to get each round done within a month of accepting them!
If you would like to see work examples, please visit my galleries and social media links below:

Front-Facing Portraits ($45-60)

POPULAR! Digital front-facing portraits rendered like pastels and graphite from the neck (and/or an article of clothing or accessory around that area) on-up.They look great on character pages or as pet portraits!


IT'S YOUR CHARACTER AS A TAMAGOTCHI EGG!This is my own premade modular base and will ultimately be delivered as a transparent PNG, and unless I'm rendering extra base body bits - such as ears or a tail - or an additional character or background that isn't available, they will currently be offered at a base price of $35.

Ordering is easy - keep these in mind when you fill out your commission form:PROVIDE YOUR CHARACTER REFS -They'll be hyper-stylized as small, likely-symmetrical simplistic creatures, but please send me as accurate refs as you're able on your order form!PICK A TAMA BODY -Request a color and/or a faceplate pattern. General theme suggestions will work, if you're open for artist's-choice!PICK YOUR EXTRAS -Does the tama body have ears? Which ones? Do you want any other body mods like a tail, tiny paws, different ears, etc - that aren't pictured? (Add +$10 if it's not in the current lineup, pictured below!)Will the sprite be black and white (90s-styled) or in color (contemporary-Tama-styled; think the Tamagotchi On model)?Are they doing anything else - will they be with a meal or a snack icon? Are they happy, angry, sick or asleep? Did they poo? (sorry.) Black and white sprites will be somewhat more detailed than their 90s counterparts - strictly for the sake of character recognition!If in color, will there be an additional background or setting? Are they surfing, or playing in the backyard, or saying anything in a word bubble? (Add $15)Are there additional characters? What are they doing? Are they playing, talking or getting married? (Please provide a ref for the additional character, and add $15)


This is something a bit different from any usual commission options, and a nice addition to any RPG or fantasy settings.You supply the colors, the creature or the symbols, and any ideas about the layout you may have, and I whip up an appropriate banner!

Right now, they will only be available on this particular shield shape (the "heater" shape, for those who want to look up the history) - but there may be possibilities for other shapes in the future!If I'm designing it from the ground up, I will likely not adhere to any historical color rules for heraldry. If it looks good, it looks good!The stylization of any shapes or animals is the artist's choice and will likely continue in the mid-century children's-book inspired style that I've previously used. All pieces will be rendered with the same textured graphite and pastel style.

CUSTOM MANARAPTOR; my base (Quote)

MANARAPTORS are magical creatures that make perfect pets or familiars to roleplay as characters or companions to your characters!

This is my own premade modular base for the Manaraptor semi-open species; adoptable auctions with random traits will be available in the future. Pieces will begin with this base, be rendered like graphite and pastels, and personalized either to your specifications OR to fit your magic-using character's needs (sort of like a mystery hatching!) You will ultimately be provided a transparent PNG and one with a neutral or light background.Prices will be quoted depending on the complexity of the design, but estimate roughly $50-70.Read more about Manaraptors, below!

Click the form! And as always, if you like and want to support my work but are not connecting with any of these options, the Ko-Fi jar is always open, and an ever-growing selection of prints are available over at my INPRNT!
I appreciate you all so much!